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She is pursuing the painting expression about human perception that the impression from the scenes captured in everyday life by repeatedly consider for about it.

Born in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1992. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts (M.F.A.) in 2017.  Selected solo exhibitions include: “Looking at the color” at Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo(2020); “project N 69 Reina Mikame” at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo(2017)

Based in Tokyo, Japan


2017 M.F.A, Oil Painting Course, Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2015 B.A, Oil Painting Course, Department of Painting, Tama Art University

1992 Born in Aichi, Japan

Solo exhibitions

2020 "Looking at the color​" Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

2018 "The Weight of Water, The Light that Blurs," Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

2018 "Light over there" Iijimashouten, Kanagawa

2017 "project N 69 MIKAME Reina" Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo

          "Reina MIKAME Exhibition" Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo

2016 "Reflection" Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

2015 “Exhibition of Cafe Kiyosumi - Reina MIKAME” Cafe Kiyosumi, Tokyo

2013 “Fall in Love” Art House Aichi, Aichi

         “TWS-Emerging 203” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo

2012 “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2012” Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo

Group exhibitions

2020   "It is a season when the sun shines brightly against you and you tend to feel sick, but please spend your regular and healthy days."  SEIBU SHIBUYA

          Art Gallery / Tokyo

          “Spinner Markt” Spiral Garden / Tokyo

          "VOCA2020- The Vision of Contemporary Art" The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

          “Time After Time(s)” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

2019  Atsuko Yamashita  and Reina Mikame “Painting” TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY, Tokyo

           ART DAYS Toyota 2019 " Toyota Specific: Recalled Folklor" TOYOTASHI MINGEI-KAN, Aichi

           “Practice_01: Drawing lines” EUKARYOTE, Tokyo

     ART DAYS Toyota 2019 " Toyota Specific: Scenery and Signs" Sky Hall Toyota, Aichi

          "ARTS CHALLENGE 2019" Aichi Arts Center, Aichi

2017 “Hirofumi Isoya, Reina Mikame, Kisho Mwkaiyama, Kouichi Tabata" Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

          "Through the Glass "Tokyo University of the Arts (Traveling exhibition at AGC Studio) , Tokyo

          "65th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibitions" Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2016 "Art in YUJUKU" Yujuku spa, Gumma

          “Honeycomb Catalogue” Gallery Senbyakudo, Tokyo

          “O'YA5” MONDAY ART SPACE, Tokyo

          “Mariko Oya, Nerhol, Reina Mikame Group Exhibition” Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Tokyo

2015 “Where does a person go now? -Master class student’s exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts” Gallery Senbyakudo, Tokyo

          “Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi" Marunouchi Building,  1F MARUCUBE, Tokyo

          “Föhn” Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

          “Arisa KIMURA and Reina MIKAME” Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

          “TARGET” Fuchu Art Museum, Citizen gallery, Tokyo

          “Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities in Tokyo" The National Art Center, Tokyo

2014 "Eijiro SAITO and Reina MIKAME” Fukagawa bansho, Tokyo

2013 “Momentary miracle” Gallery Nagatani, Tokyo

          “O'YA4/Open Atelier” Tama Art University, Tokyo

          “Super Open Studio” Lucky Happy Studio, Tokyo

          “O'YA3” Turner Gallery, Tokyo

2012 “O'YA2” Tama Art University, Tokyo

          “Tokyo Wonder Wall Winning Exhibition” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo

2011 “O'YA1” Tama Art University, Tokyo


2019 “ARTS CHALLENGE 2019” 

2012 “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2012”  Prize of Tokyo Wonder Wall

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